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Established in 1949


Current Hours Without a Lost-Time Accident: 357,865.7

Our Vision: To work in the construction industry with zero days of lost time due to accidents.

Our Mission: Everyone returns home healthy at the end of the work day.


  • Have less than three OSHA recordables involving lost time or light duty.

  • Each Supervisor to follow up with a tool box talk with the “Random Project Safety Review” completed for your project.

  • Each supervisor to complete one “Safety Meeting Agenda Form”.

  • Each supervisor to submit a written “Best Safety Thought”.

Our Numbers:

  • Years We've Been in Business - 70

  • Safety-Trained Employees - 100%

  • OSHA-500 Trainers on Staff

  • Certified LSRP/CHMM's on staff

  • Our Current Experience Modification Rating (EMR) - 0.501