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Established in 1949
It is the policy of this company to provide reasonable and adequate protection for the lives, health and safety of all of its employees. Towards that end, a Safety Committee formed of employees creates, modifies and oversees the Vollers Safety Program in its entirety. This Committee encourages questions and suggestions from all employees that will improve the safety of our environment.


  • Corporate Safety Policy Statement

  • Company Safety Program Chart

  • Company Safety Committee

  • Safety & Health Monitoring Policy

  • Health & Safety Daily Reports

  • Employees Working for Others

  • New Employee Orientation

  • Cell Phone Policy

  • Guidelines for Conducting an Effective Tool Box Safety Meeting

  • Safety Program Meeting Schedule

  • Safety & Health Program Administration

  • Employee Safety Guide

  • Jobsite Security Scorecard

Drug & Substance Abuse Policy

  • Drug & Substance Abuse Policy

Accident/Incident Reporting

  • Accident/Incident Reporting Policy

  • Accident/Incident Report

Competent Person - Excavation & Trenching

  • Competent Person Definition

  • Daily Trench Form

  • Pcket Penetrometer Operating Data

  • Sink Hole Awareness Policy

  • OSHA Subpart P - Excavations 4-6

Fleet Safety

  • Fleet Safety Program

  • Commercial Driver's License Requirements

Confined Space Safety Program

  • Confined Space Safety Program Policy

  • Confined Space Entry Permit

  • OSHA 1910.146 Requirements

  • Permit Required Confined Space Flow Chart

Hazcom Program

  • Hazardous Communication Program

  • Hazcom Poster

  • How to Read & Understand an MSDS Sheet

  • MSDS Sheet Index & Glossary of Terms

  • Hazardous Communications Jobsite Checklist

  • MSDS Sheets Request Form Letter

  • Job Specific MSDS Sheet

  • Written Lead Program

  • Silicosis Awareness

  • Medical/Industrial Facility Renovation

Lockout/Tagout Program

  • Lockout/Tagout Program

First Aid Policy Statement

  • First Aid Policy Statement

Equipment Management

  • Equipment-Tool-Machinery Management

  • Idle Reduction Policy

  • Jump Starting Procedure

  • Powered Industrial Trucks Training Program

OSHA Standards & Information

  • OSHA Inspection Procedure

  • OSHA Inspection Report

Traffic Safety

  • Traffic Safety Policy

  • Supervisors' Checklist

  • Street Work Area Diagrams

Emergency Response

  • Emergency & Crisis Management Response Program

  • Evacuation Plan

  • Emergency Phone Number Poster

Demolition Policy

  • Demolition Program Policy

  • Engineering Survey

  • Safety Checklist

Existing Utility Protection

  • Existing Utility Protection Program Policy

  • Board of Public Utilities

  • Utility Mark Out Forms

  • Request for Information

Fall Protection Program

  • Fall Protection Program

Rigging & Lifting

  • Rigging & Lifting Program Policy

  • General Safety Rules

  • Useful Sling Information

Personal Protective Equipment Program

  • Personal Protective Equipment Program Policy

  • Respiratory Protection Program Back Injury Reduction Program

  • Proper Lifting Diagrams

Ladder Safety Program

  • Ladder Safety Program

Health & Wellness

  • Stretch & Flex Pre-Work Warm-Up's

Subcontractor Safety Policy

  • Subcontractor Safety Policy Statement

  • Subcontractor's Pre-Qualification