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Structural demolition is offered as a TURNKEY service, providing unmatched scheduling benefits and significant cost savings to customers.
Our strength is not only in the quality and effectiveness of demolition as a standalone service, but the positive impacts our clients experience from working with VOLLERS across multiple services such as Demolition, Environmental, and Sitework.
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Packaged Solutions

There is no hand-off between subcontractors when VOLLERS provides Demolition/Sitework as a packaged solution.

Timelines Reduced

Timelines are reduced when VOLLERS demolition is able to sequence work with VOLLERS Sitework.

Streamlined Projects

Project management becomes more streamlined as clients work with a single project management team.

Environmental Oversight

Vollers expert environmental oversight and production services with LSRP, keeps demolition/sitework projects on track.

Renewable Resources

VOLLERS’ In-house 10 acre recycling facility with state-of-the-art technology transforms demolition materials into renewable resources.

From the onset, VOLLERS has been evolving / maturing as a construction solutions company. Our demolition service, which was started over 20 years ago, is just one of the many byproducts of our commitment to innovation.

As a standalone service, VOLLERS Demolition has driven unparalleled customer satisfaction.


  • Our service is led by the most experienced leaders within the demolition industry.
  • We maintain a 24 hour response capability.
  • Our $30 million dollar equipment line, as well as, our highly trained mechanics ensure our demolition clients receive maximum benefit from technology.
  • We utilize a experienced team of Laborers and Operators, any of which have been working for VOLLERS for decades, and in some cases multiple generations.
  • Our exceptional safety, as proven by our very low EMR rating over the past several years, demonstrates our ability to protect the people who protect your project’s timelines and deliverables.
We encourage you to talk with a member of the VOLLERS’ team to learn how your project can benefit from our Demolition services.