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Vollers Inc. provides full-service design-build and traditional professional civil engineering services ranging from temporary shoring and underpinning to grading and drainage improvements, permanent earth retention, tank installation, parking lots and other sitework solutions.

Earth Retention

Whether temporary or permanent, Vollers specializes in the design of soil retention solutions and can provide strategies for ensuring safe and effective excavations. For permanent site features, Vollers offers a variety of retaining wall systems that can be tailored to each project’s needs and our clients’ preferences. Our extensive field experience allows us to offer high quality, cost effective, and reliable designs with minimal impact to the surrounding site.


Vollers uses industry-leading Agtek earthwork & grading software in conjunction with the latest CAD technology to conduct various earthwork analyses. Our cut-fill analysis can assist in determining the best phasing strategy to provide the most efficient re-use of on-site materials and our positive drainage analysis can help ensure that stormwater is drained properly and efficiently throughout all phases of construction. Our engineers are actively involved during construction so we are able to provide effective solutions with the added insight of construction best-practices and feasibility.

ADA Compliance

The team of Vollers engineers, surveyors, and drafters has a strong understanding of the complex requirements set by the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. Whether ADA requirements were considered at the time of design or not, our team can check or design plans to ensure that grading on sidewalks, curb ramps, and parking stalls not only complies with ADA requirements but can also be constructed under standard practice tolerances.

Value Engineering

At Vollers, our engineers are constantly seeking cost-saving opportunities that extend beyond typical cost-cutting measures. We are eager to analyze projects and propose value engineering solutions that provide same-or-better results at a lower financial impact to the owner.

Surveying and Drafting

Our in house surveyors allow us to better control the accuracy and efficiency of our construction stakeout, allowing us to provide surveying needs at a reduced cost to our clients. Our surveyors work with the same data as our GPS fleet, eliminating expensive confusion and rework that results from different interpretations of the design plans.

Our drafting department works hand in hand with our surveyors and engineers to provide job specific plans which allows us to submit time sensitive data to our clients more efficiently than using a third party firm. Faster turnaround time and more accurate data helps to streamline construction management and the work being performed in the field.

Here are some of the drafting work that Vollers provide:

  • Original Topography Plans
  • Existing Site Utility Plans
  • Roadway Profiles & Cross Sections
  • As Built Plans
  • Modular Block Retaining Wall Designs
  • Concrete Reinforcement Drawings
  • Concrete Footing Step Plans
  • Monitoring Plans
  • And much more