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Waste Reduction

  • Over 30 years ago Vollers started a recycling facility to serve our own needs. We are proud to have expanded our services to the entire community, reducing waste streams by over 200,000 tons per year.
  • At Vollers, we value advancing our commitment to serving our communities and the environment. Our team is dedicated towards minimizing waste from our job sites by recycling as much concrete, asphalt, and tree parts as possible. Using our recycling facilities, we turn these materials that would have ended up in a junkyard into high quality non toxic mulch, recycled asphalt product (RAP), and recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). Our RCA conforms to all NJ DOT DGA specifications and our mulch is nontoxic to plants and animals.

Office/shop recycling initiatives: Paper, cardboard, plastic, scrap steel, oil, tires etc.Resource Conservation

  • Existing asphalt and concrete is crushed and recycled as a sub-base for new projects. Managing these materials in this manner is environmentally responsible and to minimizes costs for our clients.
  • The redevelopment of potentially contaminated properties and brownfields sites is necessary in order to preserve natural resources, protect open space, and maintain safe living conditions. Vollers is skilled in the cost-effective management of these urban landscape projects.

Carbon Footprint & Toxin Reduction

  • Vollers was an early adopter in renewable energy, adding solar panels on our campus over 15 years ago.
  • Following EPA guidelines Vollers is committed towards reducing our NOx, HC, and PM emissions by replacing our lower tier equipment with newer higher tier equipment. We take pride in our decision to scrap our tier zero machines rather than sell them so that no other person or company can continue releasing the excessive amounts of emissions that are released from the use of these kinds of engines.

Product Development & Life Cycle

  • Vollers is proud of our equipment maintenance programs that keeps our fleet running efficiently.
  • Vollers manufactures topsoil through our recycling facility that meets the definition of clean fill as specified in N.J.A.C. 7:26 E-1.8 and has been tested and documented in accordance with the Alternative and Clean Fill Guidance for SRP Sites (April 2015). An analysis from the Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory also confirms that the material also possesses the color, pH level, organic content, and drainage characteristics necessary for establishing trees, shrubs and turf grass on the site without excessive maintenance involving soil amendments or long-term irrigation. The topsoil is suitable for the goal of stabilizing all planting areas to protect against soil erosion.

Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Our affiliate and partner companies asked to make the same commitment to a sustainable future as Vollers.
  • Vollers Procurement Department sources local sources for all materials required for our Projects.


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

  • We are proud of the diverse workforce at Vollers. This also includes our vendors and subcontractors which is measured in generations not in years.

Professional Development

  • At Vollers we provide our employees through our careers program Training & Employee Development and Continuing Education Opportunities.
    • Some of the employee training and development we provide include OSHA 30-hour Safety, First Aid,/ CPR / AED, Hazardous Communication, Competent Person-Excavation and Trenching, and OSHA 40-hour hazardous waste training.
    • Licenses and Certifications that our employees have include Professional Engineering, LEED Certified, Licensed Site Remediation Professional, Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.

Health & Wellness Initiatives

  • Our Safety Mission is for everyone to return home healthy at the end of the workday.
  • Stretch and Flex Program.
  • Back Injury Reduction Program.
  • Heat & Cold Stress Prevention Policy
  • Communicable Disease Policy.

Employee Relations

  • Communications at Vollers is a top priority, conveying news while reinforcing values.
  • Numerous families worked for the company over multiple generations.

Employee Safety

  • Vollers has been an industry leader in training employees with not only trade skills but the safest practices available. While this makes the Vollers team a poaching ground for our competitors, we will continue to contribute the best in class to our industry.
  • Our exceptional safety, as proven by our very low EMR rating over the past several years, demonstrates our ability to protect the people who protect your project’s timelines and deliverables.
  • It is the policy of this company to provide reasonable and adequate protection for the lives, health and safety of all its employees. A Safety Committee formed of employees creates, modifies and oversees the Vollers Safety Program in its entirety. This Committee encourages questions and suggestions from all employees that will improve the safety of our environment.
  • Vollers Safety Program
  • Health and Safety Daily Reports
  • Jobsite Security Scorecard
  • Competent Person
  • Drug & Substance Abuse Policy
  • Fleet Safety Program
  • Fall Protection Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program Policy
  • Stretch & Flex Pre-Work Warm-Ups
  • Sink Hole Awareness Policy
  • Accident/Incident Reporting
  • Confined Space Safety Program
  • HAZCOM Program
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Lock Out Tag Out Program
  • First Aid
  • Equipment Management
  • Traffic Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Demolition Policy
  • Existing Utility Protection
  • Ladder & Scaffold Safety Program
  • Rigging & Lifting
  • PPE
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sub-Contractor, Vendor, Supplier Safety Policy
  • Short Service Employee Safety Policy
  • Injury Illness Record Keeping Safety Policy
  • Fit for Duty Policy

Existing Utility Protection

  • The Vollers Foundation has been making financial contributions to local charities for over 25 years.
  • CEO serves on the Midland School Board, which supports people with developmental disabilities.


Documentation of Social and Environmental commitments

  • Strategies designed to meet the values of current and future generations.
  • The knowledge and experience of our team allows Vollers to identify environmental hazards and reduce the risks associated with them. This places safety and efficiency at the forefront of all daily activities. Vollers Environmental strives to be protective of human health and the environment while limiting downtime and increasing productivity.
  • To work in the construction industry with zero days of lost time due to accidents.

Inclusivity goals for all operating companies

  • Inclusivity in all Vollers companies
Sustainability metrics for Vollers and our suppliers

  • Board/Shareholder commitments to sustainable and inclusivity goals and metrics

Board commitment to ESG

  • As a family-owned business we are one of the first to form a board of directors with outside members in our industry and region.