Home 9 Stormwater System Inspection & Maintenance
Pursuant to the N.J.A.C. 7:8 statute, NJ DEP requires that stormwater systems be inspected and maintained. VOLLERS has the experience and capabilities to perform this inspection, regular maintenance and confirm your compliance with these regulations. Being in the industry for over 74 years, VOLLERS has extensive experience with the construction and maintenance of all stormwater management systems. We provide a complete suite of turnkey services, which assure property owners and managers that their facilities are in full compliance with NJDEP regulations.

VOLLERS provides the following services:

  • DEP compliance Assurance  
  • Erosion control measures 
  • Fertilizer Services and Over-Seeding 
  • Final Seeding/Stabilization 
  • Grading 
  • Inlet Grate Replacement 
  • Annual Inspections & Maintenance 
  • Mowing Services 
  • Pond Maintenance and Remediation 
  • Post Construction Certification 
  • Sand Filter Construction & Maintenance 
  • Stormwater piping jetting & cleaning 
  • Replacement of stormwater filters 
  • Maintenance & seasonal removal of pond aeration systems 

What will VOLLERS look for when performing your inspection?

  • Review of the Operations & Maintenance Manual for your system 
  • Functionality of mechanical devices (pumps, flood gates, outlet controls, etc.). 
  • Erosion on the slopes or head wall. 
  • Excessive vegetation in and around the pond. 
  • Clear and open channels. 
  • Clogging or obstruction of outlets due to trash, debris or excessive sediment. 
  • Condition of inlet and outlet pipes. 
  • Identify anything negatively affecting the pond’s designed performance. 
  • Evaluate stormwater filter quality. 
  • Review pond water quality and depth of sediment.